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Inhuman Royal Family Wip by Needham-Comics Inhuman Royal Family Wip by Needham-Comics
With the announcement of the Inhumans Royal Family cast for Agents of SHIELD, with a movie, and series in the works, I thought it would be fun to design how I thought they could look... before anyone else did.
Once again I would use the Blackbolt design I already posted here:…
I designed him as I imagine he would look. Similar to the Asguardian designs but more down to Earth and human. I gave him shoulder pads to heighten the superhuman body ideal that real humans don't actually have.  This would be his more official royal king armor. Like when the King of England or the queen's son, would step out in public wearing his royal uniform. I see that usually, like with Thor, they would ditch the mask or helmet. And I couldn't see why he would need one at all.  Unless they went with the concept mentioned in FF The End, where the more human looking an Inhuman was the less accepted they were so the more human looking ones would wear a mask.  But most Inhumans now look human. His wings are a sort of cape that connect under his arms. I imagine he would also be clean shaven and graying in his hair. His pants are cloth. I haven't yet painted in the details that would show the differences between the two tones of black.
For the rest I followed suit.
I think for Karnak they would go with the Marvel Knights version. Giving him tattoos on his face and shaved head. Although I also think he and others like Medusa would not have gloves and their clothes would be more regular cloth. The black parts would be like Thor's chest plate.  Black rubbery material but meant to be like leather in their world. Triton would have his whole visible body in make up. Green fish scales and fins. His gills would be directly under his ears. His eyes would be solid black contacts. Maybe he would wear a breathing device like Abe Sapien had in Hellboy or like he has in the comics now. His hands and feet would be webbed too. His teeth could be sharp like piranha or something.
Gorgon wouldn't have his tiara. He instead would have horns that come out of his forehead and wrap around to the back like a tiara. While some give him goat legs it would be more like his original Kirby design and be more cost effective to give him regular legs with thick souled boots. He would also have dreadlocks and a beard. Medusa's hair would most likely just be really long to her feet most of the time but when in use CG animated like tentacles.
Auron would be more animal looking with her make up. fur and fox like ears. Her costume would be more like an Inhuman's version of a SHIELD uniform since she is described like a royal guard of the King.
Crystal 's black hair design is, in this design, an Inhuman head piece. Like the rest she has the Family's royal seal on her belt or person. Other than the black rubbery parts her costume would be regular cloth like her mother's. Maximus the Mad would wear his coat design with his costume under it looking similar to his brother's. His hair is unkempt and possibly dyed solid black like Billy Joe Armstrong's hair looks. While Lockjaw would be a CG'd giant Bulldog with the antennae being designed to look more like natural grown horns rather than a tuning fork. 
Again a work in progress. Just to share my ideas before the show solidifies theirs.
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Duke9295 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Student Filmographer
This is amazing. What program do you use?
Needham-Comics Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Manga Studio
Nova20X Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
How sad that the actual MCU version looks not as good as your version mate.
Needham-Comics Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
Where have you seen them?
Nova20X Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017…
This as far as I know is supposed to be Black Bolt mate.
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