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Grim Reaper concept art
This is a WIP concept art warm up I was working on before getting to work.
My idea is that the Grim Reaper, Eric Williams, is given an Asgardian artifact. Similar to how Agent May on Agents of SHIELD used the staff that made anyone in contact with it angry. When he puts it on it forever attaches to him. Meaning it is now his arm. The scythe is a weapon and a tool connected to Hela. Not drawing power from her just created because of her or by her. The scythe is half of two artifacts that are bound together, connected and meant to work together. The other is what is used to bring Eric's brother Simon back from the dead. Simon becomes pure Asgardian energy. They are like life and death's avatars. The scythe should look new, sharp, shiny, and deadly. But the armored arm of the scythe should look like it was carved from stone and inscribed with runes.
Other than the scythe arm which I would have go all the way up his shoulder and strapped on with a Nordic styled looking chain, is the only Asgardian element to his "costume." He wears mostly dark colors with some silver. I'd probably delve deep into Norse mythology to find if there was a version of Yin and Yang and connect it yo that. Side note Thor and Sir have a daughter in mythology named Thruo.  
Baulder the Brave concept
This is a WIP I was doing as a warm up. Still can return to it later.
This is Liam Hemsworth as Thor's brother Balder. in the comics Helga must kill Balder to create Ragnarok. An idea I have about the new Thor movie is that maybe that is who Helga sends her undead army to find. And this is who Heimdall is protecting.
Again, in the comics Odin hid Balder to keep the prophecy from coming true, maybe that is why he hasn't been there this whole time. Odin hid him away.
And that could work Enchantress into it too. She was tasked with using her magic to hide him from everyone and them from him.

Edit: according to mythology
"Baldur: bright and wise son of Frigga and Odin, master of the hall Breidablik ("Broad Splendor"), killed by a mistletoe arrow and resurrected. Loki tricked the blind god Hodor into firing it. At his funeral it is said that even earth, stones, trees, and metals wept dew for his passage. A god of harmony, light, reconciliation, and sacred wells (compare Apollo). He will survive Ragnarok, as will Hodor."
I have lowered my Commissions prices.
If you are interested in commissioning me, send me a email through yahoo or a note on this site, and we can work out the details and specifics of whatever you have in mind.…
Its $15 for a head sketch to the shoulders in pencil on 11x17 paper.
$25 for a full figure in pencil on 11x17 paper.
$30 for a full colored/cleaned up figure drawn on 11x17.
And add an extra full body colored figure, + $30 per extra figure.

Scenes with backgrounds and figures will depend on the detail and number of figures, and level of finished quality requested, but will most likely be around $50-$75.  I can also do concept art such as turn arounds, front/three quarter/side/back, and/or expressions, the price for those will also depend on details requested.

All commissions are digital, I will email you the finished product when I am done.

I am best at comic superheroes,…
for example DC classic, DC New 52, Earth 2, Earth 3, Marvel, Ultimate Marvel, DC + Marvel = Amalgam, TMNT, Image, and redesigns of characters.  I have an extensive knowledge of various comics, not just superheroes, and if not I can research it.  My favorite characters include Spider-Man, Hulk, TMNT, the Tick, Madman, Ted Kord, to name a few.  I also publish my own comic called Monkey Boy.  I can and will also draw your own personal characters!

My Commission Email:

Operators are standing by.


United States


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Chun Li + Blair Dame + Kitana =

Blanka + Leo + Bo' Rai Cho =

Zangief + Mike Haggar + Reiko =

Guile + Charlie + Jax =

Balrog + Baraka + Brazel =

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Sagat + Oro + Quan Chi =

Thunder Hawk + Trevor Beaumont + Jack Marston =

Fei Long + Johnny Cage + Max Payne =

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Mega Man + Strider Hiryu + Sub-Zero =

Akuma + Demitri Maximoff + Shang Tsung =

Arkane, F7 and Khyber + Zappa Pow Wow Boyz =

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Christie + Uranus (Bloody Roar) + Shura =

Bayman + Earthquake =

Lei Fang + Nakoruru =

Bass Armstrong + Wan Fu =

Brad Wong + Charlotte Colde =

Ein + Elliot + Enja =

Tina Armstrong + Galford Weiler =

Kokoro + Bayonetta + Agent 3 from Splatoon =

Jann Lee + Hanzo Hattori =

La Mariposa + Mina Majikina +

Gen Fu + Kyoshiro Senryo =

Marie Rose + Jolyne Kujo =

Raidou + Amakusa =

D'Vorah + Sadira + Ameth +

Kotal Kahn + Kan-Ra + Kindachi +

Ferra & Torr + Choi Bounge & Chang Koehan + Big Daddy and Little Sister from the Bioshock series =

Takeda Takahashi + Kagura Mutsuki + Claudio Serafino =

Cracker Jack + Jarek + Erron Black =

Tremor + Damn D a.k.a Thrasher + Nappa =

Jason Voorhees + Rick Taylor + Chadha (Legend of Raven) =

Leatherface + Michael Myers (Halloween) + Handsome Jack =

Xenomorph (Alien) + Predator + Arbiter =

Sol Badguy + Heishiro Mitsurugi =

Ky Kiske + Hwang Sung Kyung =

Millia Rage + Taki =

Chipp Zanuff + Siegfried Schtauffen =

Venom + El Gado + Ezio Auditore da Firenze =

Potemkin + Voldo =

May + Ivy Valentine =

Axl Low + Rock =

I-No + Cassandra Alexandra =

Faust/ Dr. Baldheld + Nightmare =

Slayer + Greed + Pride =

Zato-One + Li Long =

Bedman + Porky Minch =

Sin Kiske + Shulk =

Alex (Street Fighter) + Fujin + Leo Whitefang =

Johnny + Maxi =

Jam Kuradoberi + Sophitia Alexandra =

Seung Mina = Noel Vermillion =

Cervantes de Leon + Justice =

Naoto Kurogane + Drake (Drake of the 99 Dragons) + Dante (DmC Reboot) =

Bang Shishigami + Marth from Fire Elblem =

Iron Tager + Emmett Graves =

Arakune + Zasalamel =

Rachel Alucard + Setsuka =

Litchi Faye Ling + Tira =

Carl Clover + Spike from Ape Escape + Eric Lecarde (Castlevania Judgment) =

Hakumen + Isaac Clarke =

Tsubaki-Yayoi + Tifa Lockheart + Marina from Mischief Makers =

Relius Clover + Grant + Raoh =

Aiden Pearce + Cole Phelps + Professor Layton =

Kevin Straker + Steve Hermann from Shatterhand + Joe Musashi from the Shinobi series =

Adam Jensen + Dr. Gordon Freeman + Sam Fisher =

Geno from Super Mario RPG + Elta from Magician Lord + Chakan: The Forever Man =

Dudley + Darrius + Dr. Boskonovitch =

Kairi + Hayate + Dairou =

Carlito Keyes + Clement Darling + Walter Sullivan =

Asura + Leeroy Jenkins + Sheogorath (Skyrim) =

Eiji Shinjo + Korr =

Kayin Amoh + Bane (Weaponlord) =

Sofia + Divada=

Rungo Iron + Rancid =

Fo Fai + Mantazz =

Duke B. Rambert + Mondo + Zorn =

Ellis + Tracy + Talazia =

Miss Til + Jen-Tai =

Gaia + Sho Shinjo + Zarak =

Kliff Undersn + Pit from Kid Icarus + Sir Arthur from Ghost & Goblins =

Zappa + Kilik =

Lizardman + Anji Mito =

Fat Princess + Helga from Clay Fighter + Mary Ivonskaya from the Tobal series =

Edi. E. + Heidren =

Cole MacGrath + Ness + Razputin "Raz" Aquato =

Guts from Berserk series + Chrom from Fire Emblem + Travis Touchdown from the No more Heroes franchise =

Vincent Brooks + Lester (Lester the Unlikely) + Otacon =

Moira Burton + Rubi Malone + Faith Connors =

Crimson Viper + Carmilla (Castlevania Judgment) + Chie Satonaka =

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Abel + Allucard (Castlevania Judgment) + Tsukikage Arashi =

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Dee Jay + Sean Matsuda + Kai =

Cody Travers + Cornell + Karas =

Guy + Yun Lee + Kung Lao =

Adon + Rikuo + Reptile =

Ibuki + Juli + Li Mei =

Makoto + Tron Bonne + Sareena =

Hakan + Golem (Castlevania Judgment) + Doctor V =

Evil Ryu + Evil Cole MacGrath + Gaara =

Elena + Nanase + Jade =

Poison + Lilith Aensland + Kira =

Hugo + Mavado + Gordeau =

Rolento + Necro + Hsu Hao =

Area + Decapre + Cassie Cage =

Simpson1982 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
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Don't have plans to in the immediate future.
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